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best korean moisturizersSelf-care has gained increasing focus in the Western world over the past few years. Sometimes this takes on several different looks. Daily meditation, journaling, a strong exercise routine, adult coloring books – they’ve all taken a place at the front of the pack.

However, spa days, good skincare routines, and luxurious Korean skincare products (like good moisturizers!) have also become ubiquitous with the term and general relaxation.

The K-beauty world is expansive, though. How are you supposed to pick? Well, here’s a brief guide to help you out.

What are Korean Moisturizers?

It seems straightforward, but it’s important to breakdown the basics, nonetheless. Korean moisturizers are, well, Korean moisturizers. They’re produced by Korean brands, are formulated with popular K-beauty ingredients, and are crafted with Korean consumers in mind.

Practically, this means that the moisturizers are incredibly hydrating, made to help fight off the signs of aging, intended to create a dewy look, and make use of some common K-beauty ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, propolis, ginseng, betaine, volufiline,  aloe vera, and of course the famous (or infamous) snail mucin.

They can be found just about everywhere these days, they have a wide array of benefits, and they make an awesome addition to any daily skincare routine.

Benefits of Korean Moisturizers

As we just mentioned, Korean moisturizers have a lot of great benefits attached to them. Some of these are simply because of their product type, but some can be attributed to the unique formulations and ingredients found in Korean products.

Here’s a quick look at some of the greatest benefits you can expect to see when using these hydrating face creams:

  • Happier, more hydrated skin – By very nature, moisturizers do a good job putting some hydration back into the skin and ensuring you stay that way through the rest of your day. Korean moisturizers just do even better thanks to their unique makeup. They’re specifically made to absorb better into the skin and provide intense nourishment, so they tend to be ideal for those with dry skin. 
  • Fewer breakouts – The hydration factor is high in these products, but what distinguishes them from Western ones is that they’re still very light. While our brands opt for thicker creams and lotions to do the job, Korean brands still keep things lighter and fluffier. The result? Fewer clogged pores and fewer breakouts. 
  • A more youthful complexion – Asian beauty usually focuses on a more youthful, natural, dewey look than American beauty does. This tends to equal moisturizer formulations that also include anti-aging properties. 
  • Improved scars and acne – Korean washes, sheet masks, and moisturizers love implementing butylene glycol, peptides, hydrolyzed collagen, betaine, niacinamide and snail mucin. While confusing or off-putting for some, snail mucin comes with major perks. Hydration is number one, but it also helps to improve scars, acne, and other imperfections. 
  • Keep in mind, this isn’t a complete list. Several other benefits can come along with Korean moisturizers. It all depends on the specific product formula, brand, your body chemistry, lifestyle, and more.

    All our bodies are different, so we’ll all react a little differently to certain products. There’s no one size fits all Korean moisturizer for everyone, so you’ll probably have to do a little shopping around before you find the one right for you.

    Unsure how to do that? We’re here to help you out with that, too.

    How to Choose A Korean Moisturizer?

    Picking the right Korean moisturizer can be a frustrating task at times. We’ll fully admit there’s nothing foolproof about it. You’ll never know how your particular skin and body chemistry will work with a product until it’s actually on your face, but there are definitely a few tips that can help guide you along the journey and narrow your choices down a bit.

  • Know your skin type – The biggest determinant over whether a specific moisturizer (or any other skincare product) will fit you is your skin type. Do you have oily skin, dry skin, or combination? Are you prone to acne? Do you have sensitive skin? Your answers can then cross out some options. For example, those with oily and/or acne-prone skin should avoid moisturizers heavy on any oils or super thick, pore clogging ingredients. Meanwhile, those with super dry skin need those kinds of products and sensitive skin requires particularly gentle ingredients to avoid irritation. 
  • Know your skincare goals – Skin type is queen, but your particular goals are also incredibly important. Looking for something that’s hydrating but also anti-aging? Need something that’s good for combating acne? Or do you need a product that also helps calm eczema or psoriasis? That can help further decide on the Korean moisturizer that’ll work best.   
  • Take note of allergies or irritants – If you already know you’re allergic to an ingredient or have a sensitivity, make note of it. Obviously, look at the labels and avoid any products that contain those things. 
  • Account for other products – Have a long routine with lots of products? Factor in how your moisturizer will work with them. For those with super drying stuff, choose a heavier moisturizer. Have products that are hydrating themselves? Something light and fluffy will do the trick.

  • Best Korean Moisturizers for You

    Even with our best tips, there’s still countless creams, lotions, and gels to wade through. If you feel like you’re drowning in options, don’t worry. We get it.

    Check out the serums and moisturizers offered here: https://madnice.co/collections/korean-moisturizers as you’re sure to find one that suits your skin’s needs. Call +82 2-794-7172 to know more.


    • Posted on by Laura

      Is it normal to go from having combination skin to having a dehydrated skin type during colder months? This never happened to me before which makes it even weirder. I have been using the same products for the last two to three years and only now I’ve seen this switch. I was thinking of opting for one of your super moisturizing creams now and see if things get better once spring hits.

    • Posted on by Melanie

      I swear, you guys sell one of the best Korean moisturizers ever! I’ve fallen down the Youtube explore rabbit hole a few weeks ago, ending up bookmarking a lot of goodies, this is how I discovered your website.

    • Posted on by Cheska J

      My problem with moisturizers from certain brands are that it feels too heavy on my skin and I usually end up having breakouts in the end! I know skincare is a mix and match of what works for you but it’s always good to be educated on choosing the right moisturizer for you. K-beauty takes it to another level!

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