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In an age of new technological inventions and new scientific discoveries, it’s easy for us to get distracted and forget what nature has readily made available to us.  Nature holds the power to address the root cause of so many problems without any side effects, which most pharmaceuticals and medications often leave behind. When it involves self-care, particularly skincare, the more natural you go, the better things get.  When going natural in skincare, things don’t get more natural than mudding.


The natural question that pops into some peoples’  minds at this point is, “How is getting my skin dirty supposed to improve my skin?”.  Before we can answer that question, we need to debunk the misconceptions that regular old mud can be used to treat the skin.  NO! Mud masks are often made from clays, mineral powders or muds extracted from specified areas that are especially rich in minerals.


Since ancient times, mud masks have been used to treat the skin, removing the toxins and impurities and leaving it looking clearer and healthier.  This natural raw material possesses the ability to unclog pores, control oil, and improve skin’s overall appearance.  The fact that it can be easily washed off and won’t clog your pores means that it is a great solution for extracting unwanted contents from the skin, improving overall texture and tone.


Mud masks work by pulling impurities and toxins from deep beneath the epidermis to the surface.  This makes it possible to remove all contaminants that can lead to acne and other skin problems.  In fact, regular face mudding can help prevent acne as it removes oil and impurities before they can cause any blemishes.  Mud masks are incredibly powerful exfoliants that remove dead skin cells, uncovering clearer and healthy-looking skin.

Korean Mud:  Nature’s Gift For All Skin Types

RiRe All Kill Mud Stick Pack - 30g

So much talk about how mud can improve the health and appearance of the skin, but where can we source this raw material?   This is where we journey to Korea, where without a doubt you will find the best in terms of skincare.  All my products are researched and sourced from this country and Korean products are the skincare products that line my refrigerator shelves and my bathroom cabinet.  Pure and natural Korean mud is a surplus with minerals and nutrients that control sebum and exfoliate dead skin cells while softening skin.  Korean mud is found alongside Kaolin ( another ‘gold’ ingredient’) in the depths of riversides, free from contaminants, bacteria or insects.  This makes it the perfect solution to all our skincare and mudding needs.    Have you ever heard of the annual Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea? If you haven’t heard of it and you didn’t click the link, basically it’s an annual event that you can go to and roll around in mud all day.  Of course there are other entertaining factors involved (live music, water park, kids’ zone, etc) but the mud is divine and great for your skin.  Here is a snippet from the site: 

‘Boryeong city is located at the coastal area southwest of Chungcheongnam province. Boryeong has a 136km long coastline that consists of fine sea mud rich in minerals, Germanium and Bentonite, which radiate high levels of far-infrared rays and are known for their excellent effect on skin. Some researchers have even argued that Boryeong mud has more healing properties than the Dead Sea mud in Israel.’ Source: Boryeong Mud Festival Organization Committee http://boryeongmudfestival.com/

A perfect synergy of natural Korean mud and Kaolin.  RiRe’s All Kill Mud Stick Pack ensures you get the best nature has to offer for your skincare.  The clean and pure Korean Mud provides your skin with all the minerals and nutrients required for healthy skin.  Kaolin is known to absorb sebum and prevent clogged pores.  Due to its gentle nature your skin will not become red or irritated as it gently cleanses, clears the skin of any oil or dirt, softens and moisturizes the skin making it perfect for people with delicate or sensitive skin. 

This all-in-one- mud stick pack restores a natural glow and freshness to your skin.  Impurities and toxins are removed from the pores and replaced with moisture and nourishment that leaves the skin smooth, radiant, and glowing.  You are gifted with soothing, soft, and firm skin. 

The easy-to-use stick design means you can conveniently perform your mud skincare at home. You can apply it closely and evenly on your skin without worrying about cracks, clumps or stickiness. You will get a silky smooth and hitch-free application experience that guarantees well-moisturized and healthy skin.

Benefits of RiRe All Kill Mud Stick Pack:

Eliminates oil

Relieves flaky and dried out skin

Exfoliates and removes dead skin cells

Removes sebum, blackheads and whiteheads

Provides abundant minerals and nutrients to skin

Moisturizes the skin without a taut feeling after cleansing

How to use:


Pat dry your skin

Directly apply RiRe All Mud Stick Pack 

Leave to fully dry - approximately 10 minutes

Gently wash of with lukewarm water while massaging your skin

Tone, Serum & Moisturize 

*Remember to cover the stick with the inner cap tightly to prevent moisture evaporation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to: customercare@madnice.co 

Let Madnice be your K-Beauty oasis.  Show your skin some love.


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