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You know when you use a skincare product and you wish that it had a little bit more of a certain ingredient or if you could mix it with another skincare product.  Look no further because I have found six of the most significant ingredients that should be placed in every skincare refrigerator or skincare cabinet in their purest form.

In traditional skincare, you only get minimal active ingredients, masked in a bunch of fillers- and you end up spending your time slathering on creams that only contain minimal amounts of what you want. There’s a better option out there: pure botanical power in high-powered serum ampoules. These contain high levels of powerful natural skin benefits.

Introducing Pamsibc AMPOULE 100. First of all, what is Pamsibc? Pamsibc is a Professional Aesthetics Cosmetic of Pams Spa.  Pams Spa creates cosmetics specifically for professional aesthetics but the difference is these cosmetics can be used at home.  So basically you are using cosmetics designed for professional use only,  at home. 

And what is AMPOULE 100?  AMPOULE 100 is a single ingredient natural product, WITHOUT chemical additives, artificial colour or fragrances.  

Now you may be thinking, ‘well i don’t know how much to use /  what if I use too much or what if I use too little or which ingredient should I add to my skincare routine and/or collection?

Let me introduce you to these Korean skincare products and provide you with the necessary information to allow you to make an informed decision on whether or not one of or all of these essential skincare products are a necessary addition to your skincare routine.  

PURE ALOE VERA - 87%     

The powerful natural benefits found in this aloe vera serum skincare ampoule can’t be understated. This 87% aloe vera leaf juice extract naturally contains 300 vitamins, which in this formula gets delivered deep into your skin. Aloe vera’s natural healing and protecting properties not only soothe and heal damaged skin, but protect your skin from 30% of UV rays by hydrating and strengthening your skin’s natural protective layer.

You don’t have to get rid of your favorite products to incorporate the power of aloe vera into your routine: this skincare ampoule can be mixed into your favorite serum, tinted moisturizer, or other base product. Or, add a new luxurious step into your routine, either with this ampoule on its own, or combined with others from the AMPOULE 100 series. Apply an appropriate amount, morning and night, in between toner and the rest of your normal routine.

Deliver maximum hydration to soothe, tone, and tighten skin by adding this skincare ampoule with aloe vera leaf juice into your skincare routine.



Mild enough to use twice a day, morning and night, this Centella Asiatica extract ampoule is a soothing, toner-texture formulation that immediately soothes and calms skin. And, it seals in lasting healing power, without leaving that sticky residue, by strengthening and protecting your skin’s natural barrier. Whether you have daily skin problems, or you just need to add this in when you need it, the pure botanical power of 95% Tiger Grass extract is a necessary addition to your healing skincare routine. Whenever you need immediate care for irritation, pumps, or rash- stop reaching for those filler-heavy products of the past.

Seamlessly incorporate the healing, moisturizing power of Centella Asiatica into your skincare routine with this from the new AMPOULE 100 series. Everything in your life is completely personalized- why shouldn’t your skincare be? Customize the benefits you need and when you need them, formulating the perfect routine every day by custom-mixing these powerful plant serums with each other, or with your normal products to give them a potent boost.



Transform your skin by transforming your personalized anti-aging skincare routine with this collagen ampoule, naturally firming and tightening your skin with 87% pure hydrolyzed collagen. Whether you let it sink in on its own, or you just want a tight, anti-aging boost by mixing it with your favorite base product, firm and plump skin to fight wrinkles in minutes with this potent collagen skincare ampoule.

Incorporate the potent power of collagen into your personalized skincare routine by mixing and matching any of the AMPOULE 100 capsules together or using separately. To infuse your skin with the anti-aging magic of collagen, apply morning and night as a luxurious step after toner, making sure to let it fully sink in and absorb. But, with the new formulations from PAM B&B, you don’t have to lose the products you already use and love- no, if you want a boost of collagen, simply mix in the AMPOULE 100 into your existing base creams, serums, and moisturizers to perfect and personalize your routine.



Hyaluronic acid has naturally potent hydrating power, known to penetrate deep and moisturize from within. Carrying one thousand times its weight in moisture, this unique hyaluronic acid delivery ampoule absorbs deeply, strengthening the skin’s natural protective layer and immediately reviving dry skin. Plump and bright skin comes from complete hydration- and this ampoule is the perfect way to either dedicate a new step in your routine to adding hydrating hyaluronic acid on its own after toner, or boost the moisturizing power of your favorite base product.

With this ultra-hydrating pure hyaluronic acid, revive your skin’s supple, touchable, softness with a personalized system that fits any skincare routine- it’s safe and versatile enough to use in morning or night, by itself or with your current favs.

Whether your skincare routine is three steps or ten, this hyaluronic acid skincare ampoule from PAMS B&B is an easy way to take your skin hydration from an 8 to a 10.


It might sound crazy, but snail mucin is a natural skincare ingredient that has been flying off the shelves because of its intense natural ability to hydrate, soften, and protect skin. This newest golden ingredient in K Beauty skincare is no passing trend- the effects of snail mucin use will soon be a lasting part of your skincare routine.

Whether skincare is your life, or you just have a few basic items, get ready for a completely customizable solution to dryness, irritation, and dull, sagging, sallow skin. The AMPOULE 100 series from PAMS B&B gives you three different ways to seamlessly incorporate the powerful moisturizing and plumping effects of snail mucin into your routine whenever you need it: First, you can add the snail mucin skincare ampoule as a luxurious middle step between toner and serum. Second, you can mix a custom concoction with the snail mucin ampoule and other ampoules from the system, instead of just using it on its own.

Unlike other moisturizers with snail mucin that have sticky residue, this formula leaves only touchably soft, even skin, no matter which way you use it.

Vitamin C - 19% Hippophae Rhamnoides (Seaberry) Fruit Extract

If you haven’t incorporated Vitamin C into your everyday skincare routine, you’re missing out.

Let the Vitamin C luxuriously sink in, healing afflicted skin and improving any unevenness or skin discoloration. When this vitamin-rich ampoule absorbs, it enhances the natural skin barrier by boosting moisture and brightens and evens texture. Whether you use it alone or with other ampoules after toner, or you mix with your favorite cream or moisturizer, this ampoule is highly effective, yet safe enough to use morning and night.

Vitamin C skincare gets a futuristic upgrade with this line of AMPOULE 100 botanical concentrates, a cutting edge modular system that enables you to have a fully personalized skincare routine that you can change up daily. If you need to even, brighten and clarify your skin’s tone, mix this into your favorite serum or cream, or luxuriate with it on its own.

Without leaving skin tight or sticky to the touch, Vitamin C enhances your skin’s natural clarity and boosts skin regeneration and immunity with its antioxidant, free-radical-fighting power. Penetrate your skin with nourishing vitality as a part of your daily skin routine, or whenever you need to revive your skin’s natural glow.

PAMS B&B focused on the pure delivery of each active ingredient without anything unnecessary like other traditional skincare products. Instead of settling for small amounts of effective ingredients in large amounts of product, turn to the future of skincare that delivers the purest forms of the natural botanical ingredients you want in your routine.

Upgrade your routine differently each day by choosing any or all of these pure natural ampoules and customize your skincare routine to the next level of beauty.

So, there you have it, skincare lovers.  Six ingredients that I believe are essential for any skincare routine.  Show your skin some love!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these products, please feel free to reach out at: customercare@madnice.co


  • Posted on by Alicia M.

    Everyone raves about snail mucin now so I had to jump aboard that train. I just ordered mine, can’t wait to see how it works on my skin.

  • Posted on by Marsha

    Hi Corrine,

    I am happy to hear that you are enjoying the Pamsibc Ampoule 100 Hyaluronic Acid. You can also add a few drops into your favourite serum and cream. I hope this information helps.

    Marsha at Madnice

  • Posted on by Corinne

    The second summer ends my skin tends to dry up like crazy. I’ve added the Pamsibc Ampoule 100 HYALURONIC ACID to my routine and I have to say, I love the results! I use it every night after I cleanse my skin, making sure my face is moist so the hyaluronic acid can do its magic. Once it’s absorbed I just use one of the two night creams I switch between plus my eye cream and it’s goodnight. My skin looks more soft and plump, it has that dewy glow.

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