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Hello Mad Beauties!

I love Korean beauty skincare products.  Who doesn’t?  Okay, so maybe there are some people who could leave them, but not me. I'm a fan!  

I am an expat who has been living in Seoul, South Korea, the beauty capital of the world, for a little over two decades.  That’s right… 20+ years.

A child of Jamaican immigrants, (shout out to Spanish Town, St. Catharine), British born (where m’Brommies at?) and Canadian raised (Yo, T-Dot!).

I have procured, and continue to seek out, a curated selection of Korea’s best kept secrets, or unknowns. Even some Koreans don’t know about them! These products use the highest quality nature-derived, natural, organic, cruelty-free and vegan ingredients along with cutting-edge technology to create the best of the best.

The beauty industry is intense and immense in Korea, so the products I discovered and use are for all ethnicities, and no skin type is left behind!

I originally researched K-Beauty skincare products for my own personal use, never imagining that I would start a K-Beauty skincare business sharing all of these wonderful products that work for all skin types and skin tones.

I continue to find new products to add to my collection.

You can read all about the reason I started Madnice here. But one thing that I didn’t mention is that my own insecurities regarding my skin made me miss out on so many opportunities in life. I lacked confidence because receiving attention brought attention to my face, and I was extremely uncomfortable in my own skin. 

Here’s my high school picture - grade 11.  Pimply, oily and clearly uncomfortable in front of the camera - a true introvert.

About Me - Marsha Taylor - Creator of Madnice - Premium K-Beauty Skincare

I have delved deeper and time has allowed me to meet with the creators and manufacturers of these products which are a part of the Madnice collection. 

I’ve done the research for you, so you don’t have to. I, myself, have tried all the lines and products in my collection and all have given me the results that I wanted. I continue to use them.

Come along on a transformative skincare journey with me at Madnice!


Achieve professional skincare treatments for your epidermis and dermis in the comfort of your own home and regain that lost confidence.  


I invested in my skin, realizing that the investment went deeper than my skin. I invested in my body.  I learned to invest in myself.  


Invest in yourself and acknowledge your true worth, you won’t be disappointed.  


Attain the skincare results that you want with Madnice.  


Tell me in the comment box below, what your skincare goals are and how can I help you achieve them?


Show your skin some love.




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