Wholesale Korean Cosmetics

Wholesale Korean Cosmetics

Are you looking for a trusted source where you can buy Wholesale Korean Skincare Products hassle-free? If so, then search no further; you are at the right place. 

My name is Marsha Taylor and I am an expat who has been living in South Korea for over 20 years. You can read about the start of Madnice here.

At Madnice, I offer a wide array of authentic premium Korean skincare products that I have personally curated - tried and tested.  

I am an online shop committed to offering the best of the best Korean skincare products. Some of these products savvy K-Beauty lovers do not know exist as the K-Beauty industry in Korea is immense. 

Whether you are looking for wholesale cleansers, exfoliators, sheet masks, serums, moisturizers or eye creams, Madnice has got you covered.


Why Choose Madnice For Wholesale Korean Skincare Products?


I understand that you might not be short of options when it comes to buying wholesale Korean skincare products as there is an abundant supply of wholesalers.

Nevertheless, Madnice offers skincare products that are used in South Korea by Aestheticians, Skincare Clinics, Dermatologist, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons.

These products are not only created by companies in the beauty industry but some of these products have been produced by Biochemists and Scientists who use cutting edge technology to provide you with products with proven results. 

Madnice stands out from others and here are several reasons why:

  • Spa Grade Formulas
  • High-quality KFDA certified natural ingredients
  • CPNP, FDA, NMPA Certification
  • Vegan Certified / Cosmo Organic Certification /Cruelty-Free /Clean Beauty 

Worldwide Shipping


Shipping methods FOB or CIF, I will do all I can to accommodate you as you grow your business.  There are always solutions to any problem so please reach out if interested.

I would be happy to walk with you in every step of the buying process.  

Let’s build and grow together and have a long lasting, business relationship.

For more information, please feel free to contact me


Madnice Premium K-Beauty Skincare

26 Duteopbawiro 69 Gil 3F, (44-56 Huam Dong), 3F,
Yongsan Gu, Seoul 04327
South Korea

Phone: +82 2-794-7172