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For as long as I can remember I have struggled with skin issues.

Like many women with skin issues I was forever insecure about my complexion and forever looking for effective ingredients in products that could not only correct and improve my complexion, but also lead to long-term healthy skin.

I have always been concerned about my skin.  

I suffered from oily skin, which for me went hand-in-hand with acne in some areas, causing me to have "combination skin."  For me, it seemed that no matter what I tried, nothing gave me the skincare results that I was working towards, and my frustrations only grew. 

By some miracle while visiting with my local doctor  in Korea, the topic of my skin came up. Thinking back now, it was most likely initiated by me. He recommended a skincare aesthetician who worked a few doors down in his building.

She examined my skin, and explained my skin type and which products I should use. Despite my initial excitement, I assumed that Korean skincare products would not work for my skin type -- black skin.

I was wrong.

I was introduced to a whole unexplored world of different and unique skincare products that hit every note.

One product that stood out to me was a sheet mask. I had never used one before, but I was told this sheet mask was unique from the other leading brand masks because it contained  50ml of essence, and included a sheet mask for the neck.

Mutoface face and neck mask

Incorporating this K-Beauty sheet mask into my skincare routine of "cleanse, tone, and moisturize" changed my skincare game.  Honestly, a simple item became my skin’s saving grace or in this case, face. 

Not only did my complexion gradually improve, but by including these products in my daily skin care regimen and being consistent, my skin has continued to glow and become noticeably healthier. 

I began sharing these sheet masks with my sisters and friends overseas, and they too became enamoured with them and requested that I send them more.

I realized that this product which had worked so well for me could help others who were having the same skin problems I had suffered from for so long.  I decided then that I would start selling this mask, and that is how my skincare business began - with a sheet.

Welcome to my collection of Korean Skincare Products.

Show your skin some love.



  • Posted on by Samantha Taylor

    Your story describes my experience dealing with acne. Thank you for sharing as it really shows your loyalty and belief in sheet masks! My favourite is the Aloe Vera!!

  • Posted on by glennis yantzi

    There is nothing like personal use and testimony to convince a person of a products effectiveness!. very happy to hear of its success!

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